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South Pole Expedition, 100 years

 65,00 DKK
Available Options:

- 1.75 inches diameter (app. 44 mm); 3 mm thickness
- very detailled 3D illustration on the backside
- 6 different versions available, please select the desired version(s). Some versions are limited to only 75 coins made.

- trackable with its own Icon at 100 Jahre Entdeckung des Südpols Geocoin 32 Pixel 100 Jahre Entdeckung des Südpols Geocoin 16 Pixel

The Southpole expedtion was competition between the Briton Robert Scott and the Norwegian Roald Amundsen.

Both tried to be the first recorded human reaching the geographic South Pole.
On 09. August 1910 Amundsen started his expedition with his ship "Fram". The official destination was the North Pole. However Amundsen was informed that two Americans (Cook and Peary) made it to the North Pole yet. This was the reason why his plans have changed.
When he stopped in Madeira (the last stop before reaching the Pole) he informed his crew about their new destination. the South Pole.

In January 1911 he reached Antarctica where they build their base camp until Amundsen started his expedition to the geographic South Pole on 19. November 1911 together with a team of 4 men, 4 sledges and 50 dogs. They reached the South Pole on December 14, 1911 as the first humans in history, and later made it safely back to the base again, and back to Norway.

Meanwhile, Scott was leading his own expedition, and they reached the South Pole on January 12, 1912, almost a whole month after Amundsen. They found a tent with various supplies, which Amundsen had left at the Pole, and thus could positively confirm that Amundsen got there first. Scott and his men all tragically perished from starvation, cold and exhaustion on the way back, but their bodies and belongings were later recovered, including Scott's diary, which he had kept right to the end, and which contains the compelling Last Entry: "For God's sake, take care of our people".

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 03 April, 2013.
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